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Week 14 of UIT

Week 14 of UIT After a roller coaster couple of weeks it is nice to be back at UIT in the classroom. This week I feel that I am so far behind because of all the pitching I have been doing for the past couple of weeks. Most of my Read More

Week 13 of UIT

Week 13 of UIT As much as I want to be at UIT this week, I had to focus on my SPARK Cape Breton pitch. I tried to incorporate the feedback I received from the PITCH competitions that I did last month. On Wednesday I practiced with my co-founder at Read More

Relational Databases

What are they? Relational databases are one type of database model that was developed in the 1970's and are used in many database applications to this day. A database is simply a logical structure used to store, retrieve and modify information. Typically this is done in some sort of table Read More

Week 12 of UIT

Week 12 of UIT This was a busy week inside and outside of UIT. I gave a presentation to the NSCC Marconi Campus's Advanced Diploma in Human Resources class. The majority of the presentation dealt with the multiple domains of Ergonomics and how HR can impact each of them. At Read More

Week 11 of UIT

...Pitching & Hacking... This week was very busy book ended with the "Social Storm" global hackathon and ended with our "HackersforSTL". In the middle was filled with three pitches about my new business idea to help address absenteeism in the workplace. Social Storm I was partnered with a fellow UIT classmate Read More