Building an API


So we are now 20 weeks in to our adventure called UIT and this week we were introduced to the world of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

To get there we had a great tutorial put together by Jeff Andersen of Salesforce. The concept of his tutorial was to show us how to create a simple photo album uploading platform that integrated with a relational database, in this case PostgreSQL.

However, prior to jumping into the content of the tutorial I wanted to make sure I did a little refresher on some of the concepts we would be using. For me that was jumping back into Javascript and Node.js. This meant about 30 hours of consuming some great content from Codeschool, and using Mandrill API on Codecademy.

It was a great week of learning and a little overwhelming because there is so much content out there to consume. It is important to find a balance between consumption, learning and doing.

API Development at UIT from D.Darren MacDonald

Darren MacDonald is an entrepreneur, ergonomist, ski bum, technophile and life long learner. He loves design, usability, @BigSpruceBrew and @UITstartup.